Burke Porter Group is a leading global supplier of intelligent testing, instrumentation and assembly systems. Our solutions “think” by blending tailored software and high-performance electrical and mechanical components to provide critical decision-making feedback and physical action during production or in the lab.

our History

Burke Porter Group has been a global leader for the design and manufacture of intelligent machines for over 65 years. Today, we have assembled 11 entrepreneurial brands that leverage core capabilities around scoping, engineering, building and deploying intelligent instrumentation and machine solutions to grow our customer base and geographic reach.


Our brands are global reaching across 37 locations and four continents, to give our customers unprecedented access to supply, and universal access to our services. With 37 locations, our long-term customer relationships are grounded in our 24-hour service and ongoing engineering and design support for software upgrades and hardware modifications.

Burke Porter Group Global Reach

A stable foundation for growth

Burke Porter Group has a long-standing and proven track record for innovation, financial growth, and stability. The expertise of our team and the strength of our products has fueled a strategic growth that has positioned us as a natural industry leader. We believe our business is positioned to capitalize on emerging trends in advanced manufacturing, advanced vehicle test and life sciences. Our customers rely on us to provide smart systems and solutions that scale in a complex, changing world.

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Stable Foundation