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March 2018

  • XL Machine Apprenticeship

    XL Machine Company’s Apprenticeship Program Fulfilling the Need for Skilled Tradesmen

    Thought Leadership | 2018-03-05

    XL Machine Company launched a training program in 2016 aimed to bridge the gap between viable, local talent and the need for skilled tradesmen.
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  • Titan

    Meet Titan: Newest Member of the BPG Family

    Company Profile | 2018-03-07

    In January 2018, Burke Porter Group acquired Titan, Inc., a leader in the design and manufacture of test stands and production assembly systems.
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  • BEPCO's D4 Technology

    Enhanced Emissions and Powertrain Testing

    Thought Leadership | 2018-03-12

    The latest dyno control technology can help vehicle manufacturers meet global regulation standards and improve powertrain development efficiency and accuracy.
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