Thought Leadership

  • Burke Porter Group - NVH Testing

    Diagnostics Meets Design: The Bold New World of NVH Testing


    Sound design and testing are coming together like never before as OEMs strive to create the most relaxing and enjoyable passenger experience.
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  • Students in STEM - Epic Equipment

    Students in STEM: Epic Equipment


    Epic Equipment & Engineering, headquartered in Shelby Township, Michigan, offers an internship program to students interested in exploring the exciting STEM career field of advanced machinery and automation technology.
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  • BPG Powertrain Testing

    Perfecting the Quiet Ride with NVH Testing


    The demand for a quiet ride is driving automotive testing requirements – boosting the need for high-performance testing equipment, including Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH) testing.
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  • Kleinknecht

    Kleinknecht, Active Participant in Germany's Student Apprenticeship Training System


    Kleinknecht, member of Burke Porter Group, is committed to leading younger generations to the STEM fields.
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  • Balancing Machines

    Balancing Machinery: What Is Balancing?


    When rotating or reciprocating components such as driveshafts and clutch assemblies that are not completely balanced, vibrations can occur, causing mechanical stress – potentially leading to damage or failure. Balancing is the process of designing or modifying components so this unbalance is reduced or eliminated.
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  • BEPCO's D4 Technology

    Enhanced Emissions and Powertrain Testing


    The latest dyno control technology can help vehicle manufacturers meet global regulation standards and improve powertrain development efficiency and accuracy.
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  • XL Machine Apprenticeship

    XL Machine Company’s Apprenticeship Program Fulfilling the Need for Skilled Tradesmen


    XL Machine Company launched a training program in 2016 aimed to bridge the gap between viable, local talent and the need for skilled tradesmen.
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  • Tire & Wheel Assembly Line - Advanced Manufacturing

    Combining the Automotive Revolution with Traditional Engineering


    BEP Europe (BEPE), a Burke Porter Group company, has perfected its skills in the development of machines, branching out into the development of autonomous driving as well as innovation in life sciences and advanced manufacturing.
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  • The Factory of the Future

    The Factory of the Future


    The Burke Porter Group (BPG) has long been at the forefront of manufacturing and testing equipment.
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