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Company Spotlight: Burke E. Porter Machinery Company

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In this interview series, we spotlight each Burke Porter Group company to share how the company got started, what technologies they manufacture, and what makes them unique. This is your inside look to some of the most innovative manufacturers in the industry. Today we're featuring Burke E. Porter Machinery Company.

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What does Burke E. Porter Machinery Company do?

Burke E. Porter Machinery Company (BEPCO) is a world leader in assembly and testing systems for automotive powertrain and end of line testing, including advanced driver assistance system calibration (ADAS), roll brake dynamic vehicle testing (DVT), and non-contact wheel alignment (NCA). The company also provides regulatory equipment (lab products), such as chassis and NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) dynamometers, and mileage accumulators for EPA testing. For the energy sector, BEPCO offers environmentally-friendly solutions, including solar, wind and waste energy recovery technology comprehensive engineering consultancy services, specializing in Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology and wind turbine gearbox testing and validation.

When did BEPCO join the Burke Porter Group?

BEPCO is the originating member of the Burke Porter Group, a family of brands that design and manufacture customized, intelligent machinery for a variety of industries. The company maintains a large clientele list, serving market leaders such as General Motors, Ford, FCA, Tesla, and Nissan.

BEPCO Model 3600 Roll Brake for Tesla
BEPCO Model 3600 Roll Brake for Tesla

Where is BEPCO located?

Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, BEPCO’s ever-growing network of manufacturing facilities now spans the globe and its equipment is shipped worldwide.

BPG Global Locations Map
BEPCO Has Manufacturing Facilities and Sales Offices Around the Globe

What makes BEPCO stand out against their competitors?

Production First

Their philosophy of production first – all hands on deck to keep the machines running, because they know their customers’ businesses depend upon them.

To make this happen, the company has established manufacturing facilities, sales offices, and service agents at strategic locations around the globe. BEPCO relies on the talents of both field service engineers and in-house engineers, who speak the local languages, to meet all of its customers’ testing, sales, and service needs, wherever and whenever they need it – 24 hours a day.

Personalized Communication & Support

Beginning at its inception over 60 years ago, BEPCO has remained focused on the most advanced machinery with a superior customer service orientation. The company has always put customers and service first, remaining committed to the first quote.

BEPCO Model 4100 2WD Dynamometer
BEPCO Model 4100 2WD Dynamometer

Equipment Dependability

BEPCO’s equipment has been proved to be incredibly dependable, requiring little maintenance over the course of a lifetime. With regular preventative care, BEPCO machines have been recognized throughout the industry to be significantly reliable and dependable, time after time. One of the company’s largest customers conducted an internal 10-year study, which had shown BEPCO’s machine to be the most reliable equipment in the plant over the course of this period. As a result of the dependability of the machinery, their team had found themselves inexperienced in fixing any issues that did arise over this period.

Non-Contact Alignment Machine with SWA Tool Holder
Non-Contact Alignment Machine with SWA Tool Holder

What's next?

At BEPCO, we thrive on challenges and we are driven to see them through. By combining our knowledge and our experience and forming partnerships with our customers, we deliver the most cost-effective test and assembly systems on the market. For more information about Burke E. Porter Machinery Company, visit www.bepco.com.