Galileo TP Process Equipment leads in the design and manufacture of custom solutions to increase efficiency and safety of refrigeration products within domestic refrigeration, commercial & industrial air conditioning, commercial refrigeration, and automotive markets. Galileo’s solutions range from gas recovery, storage, transfer, and distribution. Their products continuously improve their customer’s quality and profitability to reduce production costs. Galileo strives to improve worker’s safety by using environmentally-friendly fluids and producing recovery units for recovering polluting gases.

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Reach – Global or Otherwise

Galileo TP Process Equipment (Galileo) is headquartered in Scandicci FL, Italy with sales and service centers in Bulgaria, the United States, Brazil and China. A member of the Burke Porter Group, Galileo is part of a network of brands that span the globe.

Galileo TP Process Equipment | Vacuum and Refrigeration Technology

Core Capabilities


  • Production Machines
  • Test Machines
  • Controls & Measurements in Thermodynamics
  • Fluid & Gas Distribution
  • Vacuum Physics
  • Spectrometry & Gas Analyses
  • Precision Mechanics


  • Vacuum Technology
  • Refrigeration Technology
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Flammable & Non-Flammable Recovery
  • Leak Detection & Gas Monitoring
  • Gas Storage & Transfer
  • Electrical Testing of Commercial & Domestic Appliances