WinterPark Engineering LLC specializes in solutions and certification for emission and On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) in the marine, automotive, and heavy-duty industries. They offer cost-effective hardware and software solutions to streamline the emission and OBD certification process, making it easier for customers to achieve compliance with government standards and regulations and obtain the required approvals.

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Manufacturing Space: 6,900 ft²


Employee Breakdown: 20

WinterPark Engineering Facility
Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA

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Headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, WinterPark Engineering LLC (WinterPark) houses a group of highly experienced engineers serving OEMs in various industries worldwide. Members of the group have worked within the automotive industry since the inception of OBDII in 1994, establishing a reputable status with CARB staff while developing and testing production vehicle calibrations.

Team members have also developed full production vehicle calibrations aimed at reducing emissions and fuel consumption, enhancing driveability and performance, and detecting defective emissions control devices, for both European and U.S. automotive manufacturers.

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