Meet Titan: Newest Member of The Bpg Family

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In January 2018, Burke Porter Group acquired Titan, Inc., a leader in the design and manufacture of test stands and production assembly systems. Titan is headquartered in Sturtevant, Wisconsin, with a wide range of manufacturing and engineering resources available when flexible capacity or specialized skills are needed quickly.

As the newest member of the Burke Porter Group family of brands, Titan joins Kleinknecht, LISMAR, Universal Balancing, CIMAT, Epic Equipment & Engineering, XL Machine Co. Inc., Korvis, Primatics, and the Burke E. Porter Machinery Co.

The acquisition expands the group’s testing and assembly equipment offerings globally.

Custom-engineered Test Solutions

Since 1966, Titan has evolved from a tool and die business to a supplier of custom-engineered test solutions for hydraulic, vehicle, and powertrain applications – both production and R&D. Titan test stands are designed in close collaboration with their customers to optimize performance, quality, reliability and cost of the products that they develop and produce each and every day.

By consistently and rapidly performing a broad range of tests that may be impractical or impossible to perform manually, Titan test equipment can detect and pinpoint any source of product defects for quicker resolution, monitor trends, and provide quality and warranty documentation.  

Titan’s solutions are widely used by world-leading off-highway OEMs and their tier-one suppliers within the agriculture, construction, hydraulic components, mining, and forestry markets.

Hydraulics Testing 

Titan provides hydraulic test stands for valves and relief valves, pump and motors, hydraulic cylinders, and front and rear struts. For example, Titan supplies motor stands for a wide range of equipment, including gear, vane, and piston pumps and motors, fuel transfer pumps, centrifugal pumps, and gerotor motors.

Along with other standard features, all Titan hydraulic test stands incorporate oil cleanliness monitoring, proportional valve pressure control and a PC-based data acquisition and control platform.

Powertrain Assembly & Test Stands

Titan designs and builds powertrain component assembly and test stands for a range of applications including:

  • Off-Highway transmissions and transaxles
  • Automatic Manual transmissions
  • Front-wheel drive transmissions
  • Motorcycle transmissions
  • Gearboxes

All along the production line, Titan custom-built powertrain assembly & test stands provide the precision, data acquisition, safety, and ergonomics required to meet the exacting needs of our world-class customers.

Vehicle Test Stands

Titan produces full vehicle end-of-line test systems for off-road OEMs, along with a range of test stands for cabs and operator platforms and subassemblies.

Production Assembly Solutions

In addition to test systems, Titan can supply a wide range of custom-engineered production assembly solutions that provide the highest level of quality assurance. Often these come as part of an integrated cell in conjunction with the test stands. And most often, they are in applications where precise gauging, measurement and data acquisition is essential. 

Titan’s production assembly solutions are designed to assist customers with their mission to produce high quality, reliable products in a manner that optimizes productivity and is safe and ergonomically sound.

From concept to final design, from system build to software development, from installation to after-sales engineering support: Titan is structured and staffed to design, build, and support robust test stand and assembly solutions.

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