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The Burke Porter Group family of companies designs, creates, and delivers innovative and highly complex solutions for OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers, testing labs, aftermarket services, and more for industries as diverse as automotive, aerospace, and life sciences.

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Assembly & Test Solutions

BPG companies are a premier supplier of intelligent assembly automation and test systems for the automotive, consumer goods, and food industries.

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Automated Inspection Systems

We can design, prototype, and manufacture custom equipment, and incorporate it into inspection modules complete with robotics, controls, cameras, and software, for a variety of production lines.

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The BPG balancing division offers a full range of horizontal, vertical and custom-designed machines. These systems can be either measurement only or include the option of manual or automatic unbalance correction. Our industrial balancing systems cater to every industry, including fans, pumps, armatures, locomotive components, rolls and virtually every rotating component.

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Contract Manufacturing

From medical devices and drug-delivery devices to molecular biology diagnostic equipment and compounds, BPG companies produce life-critical products to the highest standards.

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Custom Automation

We provide custom automated manufacturing solutions that help you optimize performance, product quality, and system uptime. We are committed to understanding your unique project specifications and helping you achieve your most demanding production rates and highest system yields.

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Dispensing and Filling

With extensive expertise in dispensing and filling technologies, BPG technology enables small flow cell integration, fluid delivery, and scavenging. Our precision, low-cost microfluidics machinery is used in applications such as personalized medicine, and liquid biopsies.

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End of Line Testing

Since 1953, BPG has been supplying custom equipment, service, and support for automotive end of line testing. Our solutions simulate real-world road conditions and provide precise, repeatable test results in a production environment – often performing hundreds of tests in a matter of minutes that represent the final validation before a vehicle leaves the facility.

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Laboratory Testing

Burke Porter Group family companies have designed and installed hundreds of dynamometers and laboratory testing products all over the world, including multiple EPA and WLTP certified testing facilities. In addition to building mission-critical hardware, BPG provides engineering expertise and services that help streamline the emissions and OBD certification processes for a variety of clients around the globe.

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Precision Machined Components

The Burke Porter Group (BPG) is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of advanced technology solutions, including CNC machining and precision manufacturing of components. Our diverse customer base includes the automotive industry, heavy-duty manufacturers, and companies in the entertainment, plastic, and industrial sectors.

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Precision Motion Systems

Burke Porter Group companies engineer and manufacture multi-axis precision motion and positioning products for automated biomedical and life sciences laboratory analysis, diagnosis and testing. We also specialize in the design and manufacture of complex machinery and instruments that incorporate precision motion systems and control, providing turnkey solutions to the global life sciences market in a supporting OEM role.

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Process Equipment for the Refrigeration Industry

BPG leads the way in the design and manufacture of custom process equipment to increase the efficiency and safety of refrigeration products in the domestic refrigeration, commercial and industrial air conditioning, commercial refrigeration, and automotive markets. Our solutions range from gas recovery, storage, and transfer to distribution.

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Burke Porter Group offers prototyping services for a variety of industries; whether you need a precision machined component or medical device, we have the means to help design, manufacture, analyze your product design to ensure your product will utilize components and processes that can be automated and are scalable, repeatable and in-control, minimizing product life-cycle costs and maximizing profits.

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Rapid Diagnostic Test Manufacturing

At BPG, we have the expertise and experience partnering with diagnostic test manufacturers to bring their products from development to ultra-high volume manufacturing. If you have a Lateral Flow Assay, Electrochemical, Biochemical, Genetic, or other rapid test based on a test strip or other components, we can get you to your production goals. We can help you, from the early planning stages, design the product for eventual fully automated production in the millions and even billions of units a year.

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Renewable Energy

At Burke Porter Group, we offer contact manufacturing services for renewable energy systems. From prototyping to full production, we can help you bring your product to market with our engineering and manufacturing expertise. From semiconductor wafer processing to full solar panel assembly systems, we have the capability to help you with all stages of product development.

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Steel Technology

BPG companies specialize in technology that inspects and refinishes steel rolls and have the technical know-how required for both the handling and programming of the pipe manufacturing process, in addition to controls and generator technology for electrical discharge texturing (EDT) machines for steel rolls.

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