End of Line Testing

Since 1953, BPG has been supplying custom equipment, service, and support for automotive end of line testing. Our solutions simulate real-world road conditions and provide precise, repeatable test results in a production environment – often performing hundreds of tests in a matter of minutes that represent the final validation before a vehicle leaves the facility.

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

With high technology standards, Burke Porter Group is at the forefront of calibrating Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) during production and in the aftermarket, paving the way for autonomous behavior in cars.

Clutch Testing

Burke Porter Group’s clutch burnishing and characterizing stations test clutches in transfer cases and axles.

Functionality Testing

BPG offers functionality testing for end of line implements for both agriculture and heavy-duty applications.

Headlight Aiming

Our flexible headlight aiming systems (HLA) measure and evaluate a large range of different lights and they can use European, U.S., or Japanese setting standards.

Hydraulic Testing

Our full line of hydraulic testing products supports multiple industries: agriculture, construction, heavy duty, mining, aerospace, oil & gas, and forestry.

NVH Testing

Our NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) solutions are ideal for test axles, power take-off units (PTUs), manual transmissions, and transfer cases.

Non-Contact Wheel Alignment

Our multi-line laser, computerized, non-contact wheel alignment system (NCA) is built to handle even the most unique tire shapes.


Designed and built to improve performance, profitability, and quality, our custom-built powertrain test systems are second to none.

Rattle & Twist Systems

BPG’s Rattle & Twist systems, or Buzz-Squeak-Rattle (BSR) systems are a fully mechanical rig that simulates both high and low frequency rattles (that might be encountered on the test track) by increasing or decreasing the driving speed on the specially designed bump cam rolls.

Roll Brake Systems

Our roll brake or dynamic vehicle test systems simulate real world road conditions that provide precise, repeatable test results in a production environment.

Suspension Assembly & Alignment

Our suspension assembly and alignment systems are designed to align the axle before they are installed into a vehicle.



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