Rapid Diagnostic Test Manufacturing

At BPG, we have the expertise and experience partnering with diagnostic test manufacturers to bring their products from development to ultra-high volume manufacturing. If you have a Lateral Flow Assay, Electrochemical, Biochemical, Genetic, or other rapid test based on a test strip or other components, we can get you to your production goals. We can help you, from the early planning stages, design the product for eventual fully automated production in the millions and even billions of units a year.

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Materials and Membrane Lamination

Laminate a single card at a time for development or low volume production, or utilize a fully automated lamination system to laminate diagnostic membranes onto a plastic backing web at 100 m in twenty minutes. With the automated system, you have the options to cut to cards or roll onto reels. Kinematic laminators offer you the tools to laminate with precise placement of the membranes and materials on the backing cards or webs. Vision inspection system options also guarantee a superior quality product.

Strip and Row Cutting

Our commitment to continuous technological advancement has led to the development of best in class high speed, precision cutting instruments for slitting and cutting the most demanding materials. Whether you have a web based process, card based process, sheet based process, or any combination, our cutting and slitting solutions cover you. We have systems that rotary slit up to 135,000 sensors or strips an hour, and guillotine cutters that cut up to 8 sensors or strips a second. We can achieve these rates with the most demanding materials, and also help mitigate adhesive buildup at the same time

Cut and Vial

Our Cut & Vial systems are used by world-renowned companies to produce billions and billions of strips sold in vials each year. With system production speeds ranging from vialing 50 strips every 10 seconds, to vialing 50 strips every 1 second, we will help you hit your production needs.

Cassette Assembly

Moving from manual cassette assembly to automated assembly is a challenge, we partner with you to ensure your manufacturing success as you scale up. If you need to automate and scale up just a few processes, or jump to massive fully automated assembly of diagnostic tests in cassette housings, we can help make that happen as painlessly as possible while keeping costs under control.



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