Precision Motion Systems

Precision Motion Systems

The Burke Porter Group engineers and manufactures multi-axis precision motion and positioning products for automated biomedical and life sciences laboratory analysis, diagnosis and testing. We also specialize in the design and manufacture of complex machinery and instruments that incorporate precision motion systems and control, providing turnkey solutions to the global life sciences market in a supporting OEM role.

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Precision Motion Systems
Precision Motion Systems

What are Precision Motion Systems?

BPG engineers and manufactures precision motion products for commercial, industrial and academic tasks in the life sciences, including medical analysis, diagnosis, inspection, and treatment. We also supply state-of the-art, fully automated laboratory equipment and systems that incorporate positioning and precision motion systems to insure accuracy and repeatability of a process.

Precision Motion Systems
Precision Motion Systems

Main Precision Motion Systems

Our high precision motion products are integrated into automated systems and are an essential component of fully automated biomedical and life science lab equipment around the globe. These systems are used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Precision Microtiter Positioning
  • Complex Dispensing
  • Bio-Storage & Sample Management
  • Automated Pipetting
  • Microscopy
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Precision Pick-and-Place
  • Optical Inspection

Our products are known worldwide for performance, accuracy, and repeatability, and most standard products are available and in stock. Engineers, OEM’s and equipment manufacturers alike, look to us for a broad range of motion product solutions, including linear actuators, rotary stages, tables, and gantry systems.

Precision Motion Systems
Precision Motion Systems

Applications and Experience

Our compact linear guide bearing stages are ideal for automated microscope inspection, medical assembly, and other life sciences applications in cleanroom environments. These stages offer unparalleled flexibility and compact design to fit a standard product into the most space-constrained applications. We also supply high-performance, ultra-high vacuum linear stages.

All high precision motion systems require high precision measuring equipment for testing and verification. At BPG, we employ a variety of instruments including laser interferometers, optical autocollimators, precision levels, specialty encoders, and a variety of contact and non-contact sensors to achieve our exceptional quality.

With a wealth of expertise and years of experience building high precision motion systems and positioning devices, our expertise extends beyond technologies and component selection to include best practices for engineering, manufacturing, automated assembly and verification processes.

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