Xl Machine Honored as The “top Shop” in Machining Technology

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Grand Rapids, Michigan – September 5, 2017 – XL Machine Company, a member of Burke Porter Group (BPG), was recognized by Modern Machine Shop magazine as the 2017 “Top Shop” in the Machining Technology category.

XL Machine is a turnkey supplier of prototype-to-production parts and assemblies for the automotive industry, heavy-duty manufacturers, and other industrial businesses. The company currently holds contracts to make the supercharger cover (a class-A part) for the Camaro, Corvette, and several models of Cadillac.

According to the magazine, Top Shops is a comprehensive benchmarking program for machine shops of all types and sizes. Using data from surveys completed by hundreds of machining businesses, Top Shops identifies optimal shop floor practices as well as operational and business metrics that define world-class competitiveness in discrete parts manufacturing.

Not only does the benchmarking data serve as a baseline “report card”, but it eliminates the need for shop executives to rely on gut feelings as a method of identifying and prioritizing improvement efforts. This year is the seventh edition of the annual survey.

“We are thrilled to receive this recognition as a 2017 Top Shop for our adoption of machining technology in the last couple of years,” said Chris Orlowski, general manager at XL Machine Company. “XL Machine has been implementing lean manufacturing and continuous improvement practices as well as utilizing JobBOSS ERP software to become more efficient on the shop floor.”

Combined with its top-of-the-line machines, along with quality shop floor employees, Orlowski said implementing JobBOSS was the missing link to make sure the right people were working on the right parts at the right machine at the right time.

“JobBOSS software has helped us estimate our production costs, and will enable us to implement shop floor automation very soon,” Orlowski said.

JobBOSS sponsored the inaugural Top Shops Conference that took place September 5-7, 2017, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

About Burke Porter Group:

The Burke Porter Group – a collective of machinery manufacturers – is dedicated to bringing customers the most intelligent and innovative solutions. Leading experts for over 60 years, our machines ensure the highest levels of quality in the global automotive, industrial, and energy markets in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Burke Porter Group’s global network provides unmatched supply and support to our customers across the world that has fueled a consistent, organic growth. We create machines that think.

Burke Porter Group’s family of companies includes Universal Balancing, Cimat, Epic Equipment & Engineering, XL Machine Company, Burke E. Porter Machinery Company, Lismar, Korvis, and the Kleinknecht Group. For more information, please visit www.burkeportergroup.com.